Strongholds - A Dungeon World Guidebook

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What do you think of when you imagine a stronghold? Typically, a stronghold is a fortified
structure such as a castle or a keep but it can basically be anything you want; a temple or monastery, a tower, a cave complex, a mansion, an island, or even a giant hollowed tree. In Dungeon World terms, a stronghold is not a steading, it does not have its own economy nor
a thriving population (although it could and if you take care of it, it really should. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see that some villagers have built houses around your keep while you were away). A stronghold is your base of operations, your command post, your headquarters, your fortress of solitude, it is where you store your loot and where you go to lick your wounds after a fearsome battle.

Strongholds contains guidelines on how to build and acquire strongholds and what to equip them with.

This product contains two files:

  • A 21 page guidebook containing guidelines to build strongholds
  • Another 21 page guidebook in black and white for those who wish to save on ink.
  • A two page sheet for you to record your stronghold's tags and chambers