Dwarfare Emporium - Poisons

Today I am publishing a small list of poisons that can be found throughout our products. Hopefully you will find some use for them in your games:

Trailbane   Dangerous, applied, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight
This poison is particularly good for anyone who wishes to follow a target. Two doses are made, one for the target and one for you, the hunter. The target becomes sweaty and releases a persistent but subtle sweet smell. When you discern realities, you may ask the GM “in what direction is the sweet smell coming from?” The GM will answer truthfully.

Witchbane   Dangerous, applied, touch, 35 coins, 0 weight
Until cured, if the poison was applied the target cannot use magic. If the poison touches the target, magical effects or attacks are diminished or halved, the GM will describe how.

Wolfsbane   Dangerous, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight
Until the next sunrise, if the target is a wolf or lycanthrope its movement is slowed and creatures attacking it deal +1d4 of damage. If a creature bitten by a lycanthrope drinks this poison it gets a second chance to resist turning into one.

Dead Man   Walking dangerous, applied, 100 coins, 0 weight.
Unless cured, the target falls terribly ill after 3 days and then takes its last breath, its death appearing of natural causes.

Kosher’s Slip dangerous, applied, 50 coins, 0 weight.
The target answers the next question it is asked truthfully.

Onyx Sight   dangerous, touch, 35 coins, 0 weight.

Until cured, the target gradually becomes blind over the course of a minute.

Rageroot    dangerous, touch, 30 coins, 0 weight.
The target enters a blinding rage, attacking everything on sight for a few crucial seconds.
Satyr’s Titter dangerous, applied, 55 coins, 0 weight. Until cured, whenever the target hears a joke or a funny word, it laughs uncontrollably for a few minutes.