The Chronomancer - A Dungeon World Playbook

The chronomancer recently reached Best Copper Seller on DrivethruRPG. As it has become our custom, we are in the process of updating the class' artwork and layout to match our most recent products. This will be the third iteration for the cover art. Take a look at the new one and the ones before it and tell us which one is your favorite.





  1. No. three form the top is my favorite. The split and hourglass conveys the class' theme extraordinarily well.

    1. Christian! Good to see you over here. I think the original did a pretty solid job at portraying the class accurately. Maybe a bit more of detail would have made it better, in fact that was my plan when I saw the class reached best copper. Unfortunately it seems I forgot to upload the editable file to the cloud and lost it a malfunctioning drive.

      It is a good thing I dont delete old versions from the classes, that way everyone can get a glimpse at the evolution of a class' design as time progresses