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We are a publisher of tabletop roleplaying games through DrivethruRPG. We have been publishing Dungeon World supplements for just over a year now and we are currently working on our own tabletop rpg system called Chimera. In this short time, we have managed to create over 20 products, including blank maps to be purchased and as cartography commissions.

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This is the number of supplements and original content that we have created so far.

Dungeon World 22 Products
Cartography 6 Products
Chimera System Rulebook 1 Product

Chimera Cover


Chimera is a tabletop roleplaying engine suited to run fantasy, modern, and sci-fi themed games. Chimera uses flexible rules that allow you to put the fiction first, but with enough crunch to add more structure to the resolution mechanics if you so wish. In essence, playing Chimera is a conversation where:
• The Game Master describes the environment.
• The players describe what their characters do.
• The GM picks the most relevant abilities and asks the players to roll.
• The player rolls a ten-sided die per rank in the relevant abilities & chooses the highest.
• The GM takes in the results & narrates the outcome of the character's actions.

The book is divided into two parts that contain chapters of various lengths.

Part 1

The following chapters are designed for both PCs and GMs.
Learn to Play: Everything you need to know about the rules that make up the Chimera Roleplaying System is found in this chapter. Make sure you read this first.
Characters: This chapter goes over everything related to character creation, character development, filling a character sheet, and how to build certain archetypes.
Races & Traits: The races & Traits chapter contains information about the races you can play in fantasy, modern, and sci-fi settings.
Perks: The perks chapter contains abilities that you can take that help you improve and expand the capabilities of your character.
Powers: All the rules regarding powers and those who wield them are found in this chapter.
Wealth & Equipment: This chapter goes over the abstract system of owning Resources and Wealth, as well as equipment, and the services you can acquire with them.

Part 2

It only contains three chapters, but these are crucial for any aspiring GM.
Game Mastering: This long chapter goes over what is to be a GM, tips I have found useful throughout my years as a GM, and a toolbox for creating adventures, campaigns, and character options.
Enemies: This chapter contains an assortment of creatures to pit against the PCs in your game.
Example Setting: This chapter holds the notes of a small campaign setting hurriedly put together to test how well all Chimera elements worked collectively.

This chimeric beast heavily draws inspiration and mechanics from games such as Apocalypse World, games derived from the d20 system, Dungeon World, and Fate Core. You can see these influences in the core mechanics of the game.
Dice Pool: The Chimera Roleplaying System uses ten-sided dice to determine the success or failure of actions and circumstances presented during the game. Your dice pool is the number of dice you are allowed to roll to resolve a task's outcome. Your pool is composed of your ranks in the appropriate abilities (Action + Approach).
Abilities: Abilities are the bread and butter of all characters. They define what a character can or can't do and how well they can do it. Actions represent the overall capabilities of your character to get things done. If actions are what you can do, the approach represents how you get things done. A situation might have different approaches, and you get to choose how things get done.
When To Roll: Whenever the outcome of a task is uncertain and has some real consequences, it is time to gather your dice and roll. As a player, you will make most of the rolls in the game.
What To Roll: To determine the outcome of your character's action, you roll a d10 per rank in the relevant abilities to form your dice pool. You roll and keep the highest die of them all.
Degrees of Success: How well or bad you do will depend on your result when you roll to determine a task's outcome. When you roll to determine an outcome and have at least a ten, it counts as a success. If the highest die from your roll is a nine, it counts as a partial success. If you roll and your result has no 10s or 9s, it counts as a failure.

In Chimera, you follow ten steps to build your character, allowing you to choose essential aspects of your avatar such as their background, race, extraordinary abilities called perks, their principles and goals, and their gear.
Race: Each race has a list of inherent and optional traits and perks to choose from to tailor your character to your needs. If the options presented do not suit you, the game has optional rules to implement that allows you to choose the traits that best fit your character, regardless of race.
Perks: They can help you boost something you are already capable of doing or let you do things impossible for others, such as casting spells. You can spend XP to learn any perk you want as long as you meet the requirements and take some downtime to do it.
Equipment: Select from a vast selection of gear and services to build your character. Equipment can be enhanced in many ways. They can be made from different materials, possess other gadgets to increase versatility, refined craftsmanship to strengthen protection, or resist different types of damage such as ballistic and energy. Want to make a laser sword? Buy a sword and pay for the concealable and energy modifications, and you are good to go!
Wealth: Chimera uses an abstract wealth mechanic where the minutiae of keeping track of everything owned, bought, and how much money you have left isn't important. It can be used in any game, be it a fantasy, modern, or sci-fi setting where there is a fairly standard economy. It could also be used in an apocalyptic setting where keeping track of every resource you have left and living on the edge is part of the game's focus. It all depends on the interpretation given to wealth, as explained in the sections below.

GM Toolkit: This book contains chapters aimed to help the game master know what their role is, understand their agenda, arbitrate the rules, and run the game. All delivered in a condensed manner for an easy read. It also includes guides to create adventures, campaigns, enemies, curses, diseases, and traps, give rewards, create character options, numerous optional rules, enemies to pit against players, and an example campaign setting.
Sell Your Stuff: Got a new awesome adventure, campaign setting, character option, enemy, optional rule, or cool supplement in general that you want to publish? Do it! As long as your content is original, you can sell it under a creative commons license!
Any Type Of Art: From elavorate illustrations to simple vector art, this book contains tons of example for artwork that you could immitate for your products.

Got a new awesome adventure, campaign setting, character option, enemy, optional rule, or cool supplement in general that you want to publish and sell? Click here to learn more.

  • The Witch Doctor Updated!

    The Witch Doctor Updated!

    As promised, the Witch Doctor has been updated with new artwork to match our most recent products.

  • Chimera Playtest v2 - Sessions 1, 2, and 3.

    Chimera Playtest v2 - Sessions 1, 2, and 3.


    For this version of the playtest the group decided they wanted to play in a fantasy setting and after careful consideration among various options, the players decided to go for a "horror" campaign setting I had made years ago which mixed all the staples from horror films like vampires, werewolves, undead, mad scientists, and aberrant creatures from the far reaches of space. The setting is called Requiem: Chords of Terra, a  setting greatly influenced by Ravenloft and Innistrad.

    I wrote an article about  it in a friend's blog a few years back which you can read here.

    Before the game started the players went over the material I had for the setting and chose what region they came from and how did they end up working with The Keepers of the Watch. During ages past the Keepers were the protectors of mankind, now they are merely seen as protectors of roads (sounds familiar)?. Anyone seeking shelter will find it in any of the Keeper's towers scattered through out Terra. Stay for a day and they will provide shelter for free, stay more than a day and some coin will be expected, stay for a week and they will expect to be compensated by more than just coin. Mayhaps they will inflict on you a small favor such as delivering a letter to a certain town or to help them with their duties of assisting travelers and keeping roads generally safe.


    Belia (Guest star) - Female Human (Demon touched), Mad Scientist.
    Ganzalt, The Musician - Male Human (Spirit touched), Arcane Wielder / Entertainer.
    Odette Clementine - Female Human (Angel touched), Guardian.

    Tibalt, The Good Hunter- Male Human (Pure blood), Hunter.

    Session 1

    The keepers instructed Ganzalt and Tibalt to accompany a caravan departing from their tower towards Eastwich. They went along with Baris which was the leader for this mission, Filipa which served as a field medic, and Nigel who aided Tibalt as a scout.

    As they made the trek towards Eastwich, Tibalt spotted a toppled wagon on the side of the road. Ganzalt, Nigel, and Tibalt were sent to investigate and encountered a ghoul that had eaten the family the presumably owned the wagon. They took care of the undead creature with ease, only Nigel received a bite from the ghoul. After they informed Baris of what happened and a bag full of letters they found near the wagon he decided to make camp nearby and set up a perimeter using the wagons of the caravan while he went over the letters.

    During the night while Ganzalt stood watch, two more ghouls attacked, the Keepers divided themselves as best as they could to handle the threat but one of the ghouls escaped Tibalt's grasp and managed to drag a small boy towards the darkness. Tibalt tried to follow the creature's track but it was too dark to follow and only the Angels knew if more ghouls were lurking in the dark. In the morning they tried to follow the tracks but they lost them once the ghoul changed directions. After the group returned Filipa informed everyone they would need to arrive to the town as soon as possible since Nigel's wound was not healing properly and so the caravan started moving again.

    Along the way, Baris informed the other Keepers that the letter contained information that suggested there was something very strange happening in the village. Some letters spoke of an Inquisitor had taken over the village and was hanging people left and right. Inquisitors are a rare sight in Terra, specially in a small village such as Eastwich, fact that concerned everyone in the caravan.

    Once they arrived they saw the so-called inquisitor executing 5 people under the excuse they were trying to undermine the Faith and of practicing witchcraft. Baris instructed Tibalt and Ganzalt to stay low until he, Filipa, and Nigel returned from requesting aid at the church and if two days passed and they didn't hear from them, they should assume the worst and leave as soon as possible to inform the Keepers.


    Ganzalt and Tibalt waited for a day and  when they saw no signs of their comrades, they decided to try and investigate. Their investigation proved fruitless but it had caught the attention of a member of the Brotherhood of the Seven who sought them out in their rooms.
    There he mentioned of 20 o so villagers that have been hanged already and of his suspicion of the inquisitor. He urged the heroes to find a way inside the church and gather as much information as they could that would prove the Faith was up to no good so that the Brotherhood could confront them with solid evidence.

    Ganzalt mentioned how there were companions of his inside the church to which the Brother suggested that he would create a distraction so the heroes could sneak in, get the info, and also check on their friends.

    The Brother did as promised and Ganzalt and Tibalt found themselves inside the big old church. They snooped around until they found a room with an archive. Ganzalt decided to go through it as fast as he could to see if he could get any useful intil while Tibalt kept checking the other rooms.

    Meanwhile inside the inquisitor's room, Belia had just woken up. She remembered that she was there delivering some packages when she went inside the church to request some info and then all went black. She found herself in a dark room, tied up, naked, and along what seemed the silhouette of a dozen or so people. She struggled to free herself from the bonds which caught the attention of the inquisitor who had been prepping 3 bodies he had on top of a table.

    Before the inquisitor could react, Belia freed herself, moved to her gear, activated one of her scientific gadgets, strangled him, and finally slit his throat. She began to don her armor when Ganzalt and Tibalt entered the room. They spoke briefly and they noticed the 3 corpses on the table were now moving and it turned out to be their missing companions. Fearing the worst, Tibalt set the room on fire and decided to run for his life. Once outside the Brotherhood came to their aid and went inside to put down the fire (and the bodies) inside. It turns out the inquisitor was a transmuted alchemist who was using the cover to hang people and then use their bodies as experiments.

    Now that the Brotherhood had access to the church they were able to kick the clergy from the Faith from the village. They thanked the heroes for their help and gave them a coin with the symbol of the Brotherhood which they could use to exchange a favor from the organization as long as it did not go against anything they believed in. 


    Its been weeks since Tibalt and Ganzalt returned to their tower post and had informed the captain of the events that transpired in Eastwich. However, the captain of the tower was concerned about Eris, a merchant that passed weekly through the tower to sell her goods that had in fact not passed in over two weeks.

    Since Tibalt needed to buy some equipment, the captain sent him and his trusty companion to the city of Pathstow where they could get their stuff and also find out what happened to Eris. In the city the heroes went straight for the guild hall to gather some information. Unlike the other regions of the campaign, this one was mainly ruled by merchants rather than by the Faith which made the guild hall the best place to seek any sort of official word on important matters.

    The heroes quickly learned that Eris was not the only merchant that was missing and that the merchant guild had a reward if any of the missing merchants were found. A representative of the guild suggested that they should  go to Waldfletch which was Eris' hometown and try their luck there. 

    During the first night, they were approached by a group of around 5 men who politely asked for some food and warmth from the camp fire. Hesitant, Ganzalt and Tibalt agreed. As they ate, one of the group told them with a smile on his face that they were going to rob them but they had no intention of spilling any blood. The heroes exchanged glances and decided to part of their coins and avoid any unnecessary battles. 

    After a few days of travel, the heroes reached Waldfletch but unlike the heavily guarded Pathstow, this town had no guards on the walls or manning the ballistas. They proceeded to climb over the wall using some climbing gear, Tibalt did it without any issues but Ganzalt was taking his sweet time to climb. While Tibalt waited for his companion, a creature crept behind him and took a bite, when Tibalt turned around it was one of the guards of the town but he was enraged as if he was possessed. Tibalt was able to deal with the guard without any issues while Ganzalt finished climbing over.

    They made it into the town where they found the streets completely desolated and all the doors either barred or closed. After roaming a while through the town they encountered the town's church which was barred from outside. Tibalt decided to throw a rock at the door and see of more crazed people where inside (they were) which caused other crazed townsfolk to gather where they were. As they fought Tibalt noticed that someone was watching them through a window and decided to knock on the door. When the people inside saw they were capable of handling the possessed townsfolk they let them in.

    A small family had been entrenched in the house for days and they were running low on food but decided to share some with the heroes regardless. As they ate, the family explained how it all started and that for some reason the big guns from the merchant's guild managed to leave minutes before everything started. After the heroes finished eating and licking their wounds, Tibalt  became invisible and went to snoop around the guild hall  to see what information he could gather while Ganzalt stayed with the family.

    While searching the premises, Tibalt found Eris along two other merchants trying to fight their way inside the guild hall. They were trying to get to their merchandise and leave. In the process one of the merchant died and Tibalt convinced them to go meet up with Ganzalt in the cottage while he searched inside the hall.

    Tibalt found a wagon loaded with heavy merch but there were no horses around to pull it so he decided to go through the guild's archives to try and gain some insight on what happened but there was no luck.

    When he returned to the cottage they all spoke about what was happening. Eris told them that the last thing she remembers was that a group of strange men were having a heated discussion with the guild master and then a few minutes afterwards things started to go south.
    During the days they had been trapped the only place Eris had not been able to take a look at was the church, so a plan was devised to enter the church.

    While in front of the church, more crazed townsfolk appeared and attacked them which almost cost Tibalt's life. In the precise moment, Odette appeared and helped them out. Once the fight was over she introduced herself and showed them she was also part of the Keepers and like them, she was sent from another tower to see what was happening. They all concluded that the source of this possession needed to be found and destroyed and that it was most likely coming from within the church.

    Since the church was sealed from the outside, they determined it would be best to climb all the way up to the bell tower and then descend from there. Tibalt and Odette were the first to to make the climb while Eris and Ganzalt struggled. Once on at the top Tibalt spotted a crazed member of the church who had yet to take notice of them, taking this advantage Tibalt became invisible and tried to restrain him but the crazed man proved to be stronger than him and both of them fell through the bell tower's center and landed in a room full of crazed townsfolk.

    Tibalt immediately became invisible and dodged all the crazies while the rest of the group began to descend by using the stairs. Odette and the rest searched the first room and found a key they presumed it was to open the living quarters of the church. As they continued their descend they encountered a that the last set of stairs led directly where the large group of crazies were. Odette quickly moved to the front and blocked the way up using her tower shield while she took them out one by one. Ganzalt decided to use his powers to bend the earth around all the crazies and attack them all at once which proved to be very effective.

    Once everything cleared and they rendezvoused with Tibalt they entered the living quarters. Inside Tibalt encountered the head lightchanter in his room. He had been in there for days sustaining itself with the scarce food he had and prayer. The head lightchanter explained what happened. The guild master put a lot of coins into building this particular church and underneath it, the Cult of Voracitas resided. He did not dare to enter and face the cult alone but since they were there, he gave Tibalt the blessing of the 7 and pointed them towards the entrance of the cult's lair.

    As the heroes entered the lair they began to hear voices in their heads that whispered messages about humility and greed. As they moved forward they found a gate with an inscription written in Daemoni that read "The humble will strip bear and the greedy will show its power". The heroes did not make anything out of it and Tibalt decided to try and go in first. As he approached the gate he saw 7 cultists chanting around someone they had tied up which based on his clothing the only thing Tibalt could do was assume was the guild master.

    When he crossed the threshold of the gate he heard a strong voice in his head that told him he was not humble and that greed would consume him, and then he lost control of his body and began to attack his companions but fortunately Odette was there and was able to halt his attacks until he came back to his senses. When he did, Ganzalt and him tried to get past the occultist to try and take out the leader before the finish whatever ritual they were making but it was too late, the ritual was done. The ground broke, swallowing the sacrifice and from the it emerged a tall, red skin demon with long limbs, and a golden mask over its face.


    So far the game has been too easy for the players and some revisions were made as to how Advantages and Focuses worked. Since they were rolling too many dice or had 1 to two successes already under their belt before they even attempted a roll, I decided to make the following changes:

    Aiding or Interfeering
    Any character can aid or interfere in what another character is trying to do. If a character aids another, the aided character has Advantage on their roll. If a character interferes with another, the interfered character has Disadvantage on their roll. When your character is trying to aid or interfere on another character, explain what your character is trying to do and how they do it, the GM will ask you to make a Roll using the appropriate Skill for the task (usually the same one the other player is rolling). For easy tasks you only need one success, for moderate tasks you need two successes, and for hard tasks you need 3 successes.
    A character cannot aid another on a task they couldn't attempt on their own or if their help wouldn't be productive at all. For example, if a character is trying to pick a lock or is using a computer to try and hack a website, having someone over your shoulder trying to give you tips on what you should or shouldn't do while in a stressful situation would be more of a distraction than anything. It sounds more like interfering than actually helping.

    Aiding vs Group Rolls
    If at any point it becomes confusing if it should be a group roll or just aiding keep the following in mind. Group rolls are made when a task requires the overall success of everyone involved and everyone is collectively helping on another to achieve it. Aiding can be done when a task does not require more than one person to get involved in other for it to succeed but assistance can prove beneficial.

    Aiding While Making Group Rolls
    It is possible to provide aid to another character while you are also participating in achieving the task. You can choose to roll with Disadvantage to grant Advantage to another character involved.

    Dice Pool
    Is the number of dice that a player is allowed to roll to determine if their character succeeds or fails at a given  task. Your pool is determined mainly by the ranks in the appropriate attribute and skill for the task.

    Maximum Dice Pool
    As the characters gain XP they might get to the point where they are rolling a large number of dice. As a rule and to keep things simple, no dice poll can use more than six dice (6d6). Any additional dice added to your pool automatically counts as Advantage.

    Exploding Dice
    When you roll a die and it lands on a 6 it counts as a success,  it is rolled again and the next result is also added as a success or a miss depending on its result. If the rerolled die also comes up a 6, it is also added to the result and its rolled again until it lands on any number other than 6.

    Advantage & Disadvantage
    Advantage represents favorable conditions while a character takes action.Represents favorable conditions while a character takes action. Advantage lowers the number needed to land a success on all by 1, this means that if you need a 4 or a higher to get a success, you only need a 3. Multiple Advantages don't stack with one another. Advantage and Disadvantage cancel each other 1 for 1. An effect that would grant Advantage to a creature—other than a player character—against a player character, it grants Disadvantage to that player character instead.

    Disadvantage Is the opposite of Advantage, it represents unfavorable conditions while a character takes action. he number needed to land a success on a increases by 1. This mean that if you normally needed a 4 or higher to land a success, you now need a 5. Multiple Disadvantages do not stack. Advantage and Disadvantage cancel each other 1 for 1. An effect that would grant Disadvantage to a creature—other than a player character—against a player character, it grants Advantage to that player character instead.




    Alexia - Female Elf, Hunter.
    Bastard - Male Half-Orc, Half-Dwarf.
    Agatha - Female Human (Immortal Witch).
    Forte - Android Posing as a Half-Orc.


    Right after taking down the bots, Mundi tried to open the gates of the complex but triggered an alarm while doing so. Seeing this, Mundi decided to flee once he saw the two bio guards that appeared from around the corners of the building and left the heroes to deal with their mess by themselves. They quickly dispatched the creatures - who seemed to be thanking them whenever they died - and proceeded to go inside.

    Without Mundi's help, the heroes had to rely on Forte which didnt do a good job while hacking the mainframe computer and triggered an alarm on the inside that caused the front gate to shut down and over a dozen of bio guards to emerge from the 86th underground floor. They managed (with great difficulty) to deal with the bio guards and get the codes they needed thanks to Agatha animating a dead bio guard that had some computer skills.

    Once they got out, they headed back to Dorian's mansion where they stayed there for a couple of days to heal and gear up. Guido left them with fair warning that they should do whatever in their power to pack everything they deemed necessary to survive for days, even weeks inside the ship since it stretched for miles and miles and getting lost in it was a possibility. With this in mind the heroes traveled to the underworld to find a goblin that was rumored to know where a shuttle could be found.

    After hours of searching they finally found Ug, an old goblin that had been hiding in the underworld for decades thanks to 3 individuals that had a bounty on his head. Surprisingly enough no one in the underworld bothered to collect this bounty but the heroes never bothered to ask. Ug told them he would give them the location of the shuttle if they would take out these three individuals; a gnome that had a slave trade with children, a shetani assassin, and a woman named Belinda that ran a series of successful brothels on the surface. The heroes agreed to do this without asking much and started to head back to the surface to locate their targets.

    The group decided to go after Belinda first, little did they know (due to a lack of research) that she was one of the most powerful crime lords in this dome and killing her would prove a very dangerous task. Most of them tried to pass as prospects to work in the brothels but only Agatha and Forte made the cut. After they passed a series of tests, Belinda decided to meet up with Forte first and see what this android was all about. While interviewing him, she noticed deception in his word and encouraged him to tell the truth before she had to extract it out of him. Forte continued lying until he saw there was no way out of it and decided to try and take Belinda out by himself. Unfortunately for Forte,  Belinda had 4 Jitu guards that quickly took him out, breaking his photo-receptors and blinding him in the process.

    By now Belinda suspected Forte was not alone in this endeavor and went after the "new recruits". Seeing this, Alexia tripped one of the Jitu guards that went after her and decided to make a run for while Agatha tried to face her opponents but was quickly captured.

    Bastard stayed outside all this time and decided to try and blow some of the vehicles parked outside to try and draw some attention to him. This didn't go so well for him, killing many "innocent" people in the process. Shortly after that, Alexia was cornered in al ally by two other guards that went after her.


    After the last session the group decided they had been too careless about the mission and did not want to continue the story any longer. The group decided to switch to a fantasy setting and make new characters where they promised each other that they would be more careful about what they do. ill be writing about the new campaign soon.


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