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Nov 13, 2017

The Chronomancer Updated!

The Chronomancer - A Dungeon World Playbook has been updated with new artwork and a few more magic items! Personally, this is one of my favorite classes from the ones I've done so far. I strongly recommend taking a look.

Nov 12, 2017

The Chronomancer - A Dungeon World Playbook

The chronomancer recently reached Best Copper Seller on DrivethruRPG. As it has become our custom, we are in the process of updating the class' artwork and layout to match our most recent products. This will be the third iteration for the cover art. Take a look at the new one and the ones before it and tell us which one is your favorite.




Oct 30, 2017

The Reaper - A Dungeon World Playbook

Death comes for us all. Whether you want it or not, death comes. It can arrive swiftly like a sudden gust of wind on a hot afternoon or it can gently creep up on you like the caress of a lover. Death does not care if you are a peasant or a king, it will come for you on equal terms.

You are a reaper, the personification of death itself on this material plane. Your job is to pass judgement on mortals and deliver their souls to the Black Gates if you deem their time has come. Liches, necromancers, vampires, and all those who have dared to use Death’s power to command the dead or acquire immortality are your enemies. You must hunt them down at all cost. What better way of doing this than adventuring? You don't do it for fame, glory, or wealth. You do it because adventurers are always in the midst of everything happening in the world. They are, unknowingly, reapers themselves that must go to the Black Gates once their jobs are done.

This product contains two files:

A 12 page playbook containing over 20 moves.
A two page character sheet for you to record your character's stats, gear, and moves.

Oct 23, 2017

The Shade - A Dungeon World Playbook

The Shade reached best copper seller on Drivethru RPG. As a thank you we will be updating some of the artwork and layout to match our recent products. If there is anything you would like revised or fixed, please let us know. 

Ambition, desperation, or just a tragic past or the main common reasons why a creature has become a shade. Shades devour darkness by killing their opponents or by simply absorbing it, which they use to fuel their dark powers. A shade can be from any humanoid race and they look like a member of such race but with dark, whispy skin tones and glowing eyes. No matter what their backgrounds are, shades are the masters of shadows.

This product contains three files:

  • A new 16 page playbook containing over 25 moves, and 7 magic items.
  • An Italian version of the playbook.
  • and a new character sheet for you to record your character's stats, gear, and moves.